Infographic: Climate Change 101

There is a lot of talk about the science of climate change, but it isn’t always clear. It is important that we understand the basic role of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the Earth’s atmosphere and how human activities shift the natural balance.

This infographic, Climate Change 101, gives a visual explanation of the science behind the warming of the Earth due to GHG emissions.

GHGs exist naturally to help keep the Earth warm enough to support life. The Earth has systems in place, such as forest and ocean ecosystems, that take GHGs out of the atmosphere and maintain ideal temperatures. However, we are currently producing too many GHGs too fast for these systems to work effectively.

Understanding the science of climate change can give insight into why federal action and international cooperation to reduce GHG emissions is needed to prevent more warming.

Climate Change 101


NASA, Facts: Causes, Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet, September 2016.

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