Consolidating Commitments, Honouring Rights: Pre-Budget Consultations 2022

By Citizens for Public Justice

October 2022

CPJ has continually argued for federal budgets that take a holistic, all-of-government approach to addressing the crises we face. We acknowledge that recent Federal Budgets have explicitly recognized the need for climate justice, Indigenous Reconciliation, poverty eradication, and refugee and migrant rights.

While important progress has been made, it is time to prioritize investments commensurate with the urgency of these interconnected issues, and reject incrementalistic approaches that fall short of addressing root causes. Our main request in this budgetary cycle is for a bold federal budget that consolidates critical commitments and that implements effective, equitable policies to close the gaps between the Government’s human rights obligations and people’s lived experiences.

Download CPJ’s full Pre-Budget Submission for the October 2022 consultations [PDF]

Summary of Recommendations

  • Recommendation #1: Divert subsidies from the fossil fuel sector towards the development of renewable and efficient energy sources, while supporting those most impacted by this transition.
  • Recommendation #2: Invest in dismantling the barriers faced by many Canadian residents and their families based on immigration status.
  • Recommendation #3: Work with the provinces and territories to increase the adequacy and accessibility of income supports, ensuring all people living in Canada are brought up to a minimum income floor consistent with the right to an adequate standard of living.
  • Recommendation #4: Address the current affordable housing crisis and the financialization of the housing market by increasing the share of publicly-owned, non-profit housing and ending preferential tax policies for Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Recommendation #5: Work with the provinces and territories to close inequitable gaps in health and socio-economic outcomes by ensuring all people living in Canada can access the health and social services, medications, and related supplies needed to support their physical and mental health and meaningful participation in society.


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