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Summer 2019 – Vol. 42, No. 1
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Christians are Called to Advocate for “The Most Vulnerable”

By Serisha Iyar

The Church has long been a defender of those who we consider to be the most vulnerable members of society. We take from scripture that these are the oppressed and persecuted, the poor and the weak, the widows and the orphans, the prisoners and the foreigners.

In Review

10 Years of Pursuing Dignity for All

By Darlene O’Leary and Laura Neidhart

It’s hard to believe, but 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of Dignity for All, the campaign for a poverty-free Canada, a campaign co-led by CPJ and Canada Without Poverty (CWP). Dignity for All started out with a vision of ending poverty in Canada and a conviction that it was possible through a strong, comprehensive national…

Making the big shift and getting to zero

By Bruno Dobrusin

We don’t have much time. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s November report, we have just over a decade to take drastic action and keep global temperatures below  a  1.5 C increase. To do so, we are going to need to mobilize society and our governments.

Finding My Voice

By Willard Metzger

At the beginning of a new relationship, it can take a while to find your voice. Others can be playfully nattering back and forth, but until you have some shared experiences it can be tough to join the conversation. As the new executive director for CPJ that has been a bit of my reality.

400 Students Gave it Up For the Earth

By Taya Lavictoire and Élise Laliberté

Last year, our school La Source, in Orleans, chose a few students to do a leadership project with the theme “Beyond the Borders of my Environment”. We had to partner with an organization to solve a problem in the world. We knew we wanted to help the environment because we knew our planet is in…

A Voice for All: Why Voting Reform Matters

By Antony Hodgson

For those of us who were hoping that British Columbia would become the first jurisdiction in Canada in modern times to move away from our divisive, unfair and exclusionary way of voting, December’s electoral reform referendum loss was a bitter disappointment. Despite the fact that post-referendum polls showed that BC voters continue to hold strongly…

Working together for more than “A Half Welcome”

By Mike Hogeterp and Danielle Steenwyk-Rowan

In 2017, CPJ released the report A Half Welcome profiling some of the challenges of the refugee sponsorship system. As an advocate in the field I appreciated the report’s thoughtful illumination of well-known challenges in Canada’s sponsorship system. So we began working with CPJ staff to discuss the findings of A Half Welcome and the…

Groundings: A Shared Vision of Social Justice

By Natalie Appleyard

For much of my journey of faith, walking in the way of Christ was discussed largely on the individual level (i.e. your personal relationship with Christ). Several years ago, however, I began exploring a more communal vision of our calling and witness. I was also engaging more with social justice issues and was learning to…

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