Press Release: CPJ lauds new bill calling for poverty elimination strategy


Ottawa, ON: June 16, 2010 – Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) praised a new private member’s bill tabled in the House of Commons today calling for a federal poverty elimination strategy. The bill was tabled by Tony Martin of the New Democratic Party and seconded by Mike Savage of the Liberal Party and Yves Lessard of the Bloc Québécois.

“This is an important piece of legislation that will help to promote dignity for all Canadians,” said Chandra Pasma, CPJ’s public justice policy analyst. “We believe that developing a poverty elimination strategy is something all political parties, all Canadians and all people of faith should support. We are pleased to see this cross-party cooperation in introducing the bill, and we hope it will continue until the bill is adopted.”

CPJ has called for a poverty elimination strategy for several years, most recently expressing its support through the Dignity for All campaign which CPJ co-founded with Canada Without Poverty. Thousands of Canadians and hundreds of organizations have publicly expressed their support for the campaign and its goal of a federal poverty elimination strategy.

“Everyone has a right to live life with dignity,” noted Karri Munn-Venn, CPJ’s socio-economic policy analyst. “The federal government has a responsibility to play an active role in eliminating poverty. This bill is an important step toward making the vision of a poverty-free Canada a reality.”

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization that promotes public justice in Canada by shaping key policy debates through research and analysis, publishing and public dialogue. CPJ encourages citizens, leaders in society and governments to support policies and practices that reflect God’s call for love, justice and stewardship. Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada was co-founded by CPJ and Canada Without Poverty in May 2009.

For more information, contact:

Chandra Pasma

Policy analyst

1-800-667-8046 ext. 223

Karri Munn-Venn

Socio-economic policy analyst

1-800-667-8046 ext. 222



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