Election Prayer

Elections are confusing times. Candidates appeal to the best and worst of humanity. There are appeals to come together as caring communities. But calls for collective sacrifice make for weak campaign platforms.

So instead, campaign promises seek to attract our base yearnings. There are appeals to our thirst for more. Promises for more tax breaks, or more coins jingling in our pockets. These promises seize upon our desire for more: a thirst that capitalism has ingrained in us since birth.

Yet deep within us, we know that greed is a disloyal friend. It prevents us from feeling fulfilled. For to feel satisfied is the antithesis of greed.

As people of faith, we must hold all election platforms to the scrutiny of the image of God in us. Does the appeal align with the compassionate love of our Creator? Is the gleam in our eye because of a vision for a more just society? Or is it a flaring lust that ignores disparity?

As in every election, candidates seek to be victorious. They fight to avoid defeat.

But when justice is denied, there are no winners or losers. Only those who have sacrificed their conscience to be successful or those who have been thrown into a disheartening battle with despair.

We were all made to care for one another. We were all made to work for the common good. When given to selfishness we function contrary to our created purpose. While it may produce temporary satisfaction it ultimately leaves us empty and wanting.

Let us approach this looming election with disciplined prayer. Pray that the goodness of compassion remains strong in us all. Pray that the image of God in us will remain vibrant and true. Pray that the tempting serenade of apathy will be muted by the empathetic voice of passion.


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