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Willard Metzger serves as Executive Director at CPJ.

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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Guelph

The Good News Is…

Below is a recording of the service from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Guelph where I gave a Christian Perspective on CPJ’s Give it up for the Earth! campaign. Photo credit: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church website.

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What Does Justice Look Like and Why Does God Care about It?

What Does Justice Look Like and Why Does God Care about It? is part of the Small Books of Radical Faith series published by Herald Press. Judith McCartney is pastor at Soul House, a congregation in Toronto focusing on those disenfranchised from the church. Judith and Colin are also co-founders of Connect City, an inner-city…

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Stephen’s Enduring Legacy

For our staff, CPJ is more than a place of employment. People who work at CPJ are drawn by the faith-based platform promoting and advocating for policies that will help develop a just society for Canada. Striving for public justice is a cause, a worthwhile ministry. CPJ is funded by thousands of donors, many of…

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Creation’s Call to Action

Communities of faith have continued to call on corporations and governments to practice restraint and respect. Growth at the expense of a healthy environment will only bankrupt all of creation.

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What COVID-19 is Teaching Us

The future to which we return must look different from the past. Not just in defending against an infectious virus, but also in resisting a society marred with poverty and ecological devastation.

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Book Review: The Inner Level

The authors invite us to abandon the false sense of wellbeing generated by materialism and replace it with a way of life that is more fundamentally consistent with our human need and responsibility for healthy community.

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The Climate Context of a Global Virus

We are all bound together in our well-being as people and as a planet. COVID-19 has reminded us that we cannot wash our hands of the shared responsibility of caring for our neighbor or creation.

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When Justice and Faith Meet

Can we recognize the voice of Jesus in the young adult lament that is yearning for more active justice-seeking within their faith expression?

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A Pandemic Calls Us to Work Together

A pandemic requires people to take personal responsibilities. But it should not cause us to abandon our commitment to the common good.

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A Growing Need for Unity

The recent federal election shows that Canada needs a rejuvenated sense of community, and people of faith are called to be a positive influence in encouraging a society that strengthens community.

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