Ecumenical & Interfaith Climate Action in Canada

Statement on climate change:

“Care for the Earth has long been a focus of Canadian church work for justice and peace. Today, climate justice calls attention to the disproportional effects of the fossil-fuels dependent economy on countries that produce most greenhouse gases and those that suffer the effects of climate change; it also calls attention to the effects on future generations whose world will have been altered forever because of our consumption patterns today. The need for effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is urgent. The responsibility to act is all of ours: individuals, faith communities, businesses, civil society, industries, all levels of government” (From the Canadian Council of Churches’ Climate Justice Webpage).

Interfaith Statements on Climate Change:

Resources Available:

Please note: CPJ has compiled this resource using publicly available information to help people of faith join the action already being taken by national organizations. It is not meant as a comprehensive history, but if we’ve missed something important please let us know by emailing ac.jpc@etamilc.