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Citizens have the responsibility to ensure that public justice is pursued and the rights of the marginalized are protected and promoted.

Public Justice in Representation: A CPJ Position Paper on Electoral Reform and Representation

CPJ believes in a well-functioning Canadian democracy that promotes public engagement. This includes reforming our electoral system to better reflect voter intentions, establishing clarity on political engagement of charities, and renewing our parliamentary process. 

But democracy is more than a quick trip to the polls. After elections, democracy (and citizens with democratic values) cannot take a vacation. It’s important to engage in political activities year-round.


Want to learn more about democratic reform?

Read CPJ’s backgrounder on electoral reform in Canada. Read more

Policy Statements

Want to understand how Christian values can translate into responsible policy on democratic reform?

Public justice demands that our leaders to undertake reforms that would increase voter trust and promote participation and healthy engagement in civic affairs. Read more

Take Action

Join CPJ in calling for electoral reform in Canada!

CPJ has long advocated for a system of proportional representation in Canada.

Add your voice to Lead Now’s Vote Better campaign calling on Prime Minister Trudeau reverse his decision and keep his promise to introduce a proportional representation system for Canada.


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What We Do

CPJ calls on our members and all citizens to engage in the democratic process. CPJ has long advocated for a system of proportional representation in Canada and has engaged with the electoral system and its implications for politics from the very beginning of its work.

CPJ provides timely analysis and research on democratic reform. Contact Brad Wassink for more information.

Recent Actions

2016: CPJ submitted a brief to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform, Faith in Our Vote, calling for the Canadian government adopt a system of mixed-member proportional representation.

2015: CPJ called for fairness and appropriate prioritization in the Canada Revenue Agency’s activities and welcomed the government’s announcement to take clear steps in the direction by ending the CRA’s political activities audit program.

2015: During the 2015 federal election CPJ's Election Bulletin, "A Better Democracy for All Citizens," called for the federal government to restrict or eliminate the use of omnibus bills and insure that public policy-making is always informed by evidence. 

2014: CPJ spoke out against the Fair Elections Act, which would eliminate the practice of “vouching” for prospective voters, diminish of the role of the Chief Electoral Officer, and increase the limit an individual can donate to a political campaign by 30%.

2009: CPJ released our backgrounder & position paper on electoral reform.

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