CPJ’s backgrounder & position paper on homelessness


A growing number of Canadians today face concerns of housing affordability and feel the impact of inadequate housing and homelessness. Coupled with income insecurity, housing insecurity has intensified the widespread growth of homelessness in Canada. This homelessness crisis is a symptom of deepening poverty and the increasing need for affordable housing.

In this context, CPJ believes that sustained funding and strategic, accountable plans with measureable targets and timelines would provide long-term solutions to affordable housing. CPJ believes governments are responsible for protecting the rights of their citizens and for promoting the well-being of communities by investing in affordable housing and providing necessary funding and infrastructures.

Set in a public justice framework, CPJ sees affordable and adequate housing as integral to the social, economic and personal well-being of individuals and families. Public justice demands that all people can access the goods and services necessary to maintain their dignity as human beings and to carry out their responsibilities. Justice requires us to ask whether our neighbours have equal access to basic rights like housing.

Our CPJ backgrounder examines the policy context and the cost of housing insecurity and homelessness. The backgrounder looks at the impact of housing insecurity for those living in poverty and the various approaches and core principles used to examine housing issues.

To make housing a reality for all, our CPJ position paper argues that the federal government should make housing and homelessness a national priority by working with provinces and municipalities and enabling developers, non-profit organizations and community groups to meet housing needs. There is a great need for strong political leadership to create a comprehensive housing strategy that ensures all Canadians, regardless of income, can access affordable housing.

CPJ will continue to promote public justice and tackle housing insecurity as part of an integrated approach to poverty reduction. With the increasing need to see action on affordable housing, CPJ is using various opportunities to address issues of housing that arise from the government and media and will continue to educate the public on poverty and homelessness.

CPJ’s working documents on housing and homelessness:

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