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Joe served as Executive Director at CPJ from 2008 to 2019.

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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2021

Today, September 30th, marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Today we reflect on the devastating effects of on First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples of Turtle Island, with particular attention to how this was carried out through the residential school system. We recognize that the violence of colonialism and residential schools is…

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Video – Faithful Election Conversation 2021

CPJ was happy to collaborate with the Martin Luther University’s Centre for Public Ethics, the Baha’i Community of Canada, and Centre Oblat – A Voice for Justice, to host a thoughtful exchange between representatives of Canada’s four major parties on several key issues of particular interest to Canada’s faith communities – Indigenous Reconciliation, Climate Justice,…

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Job Opportunity: Refugee Rights Policy Analyst

Refugee Rights Policy Analyst Full-time position located in Ottawa Application deadline: September 15, 2021 Start date: October 2021 CPJ is accepting applications for a Refugee Rights Policy Analyst to provide high-quality policy analysis and public justice framing of a range of policy issues related to refugee rights and forced migration. Lived experience as a refugee or…

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Job Opportunity: Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator Full-time position located in Ottawa Application deadline: September 15, 2021 Start date: October 2021 CPJ is accepting applications for a Communications Coordinator to shape CPJ’s public policy messaging and build CPJ’s public profile and brand. Overview:  Within the context of CPJ’s core guideline documents, the Communications Coordinator is responsible for providing multiple levels of…

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Canada needs to do better for Black refugees and immigrants

Black refugees from Africa still face barriers to integration and long processing times. (Photo: Charles Krupa/AP Photo)

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Romeo Saganash reflects on the 37-year journey to bring UNDRIP to Canada

In 2016, Saganash tabled a private member’s bill in Parliament to endorse the UN declaration. It died in the Senate. Last December, building on Saganash’s efforts, the Liberal government introduced Bill C-15. In mid-June, it became law, mandating the government “to take all measures necessary to ensure the laws of Canada are consistent with” UNDRIP….

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Book Review: Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism

Harsha Walia’s Border & Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism, offers a timely categorical takedown of the artificial and increasingly indefensible notion of the settler nation-state. Contemporary forces like the climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic have irreversibly disrupted the free-market economy and socio-political status quo. Walia speaks to these phenomena…

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Finding Refuge in Canada: Narratives of Dislocation

Finding Refuge in Canada: Narratives of Dislocation is a collection of stories that provide insightful perspectives from refugees, settlement workers, and refugee advocates. This book provides technical language and historical and political underpinnings that contextualize Canada’s evolving immigration policies. In so doing, these narratives emphasize the human toll that refugees endure, covering topics about arriving…

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What Does Justice Look Like and Why Does God Care about It?

What Does Justice Look Like and Why Does God Care about It? is part of the Small Books of Radical Faith series published by Herald Press. Judith McCartney is pastor at Soul House, a congregation in Toronto focusing on those disenfranchised from the church. Judith and Colin are also co-founders of Connect City, an inner-city…

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Book Review: Neglected No More

The pandemic has revealed significant issues related to the ways that many seniors are cared for in our society. Much has been exposed regarding overworked and underpaid staff and the undignified conditions that are experienced in many institutionalized care settings across our country. André Picard in his book Neglected No More provides in-depth research on…

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Book Review: Basic Income for Canadians: From the COVID-19 Emergency to Financial Security for All

One of the surest paths to success on a complex issue is to find common ground with allies in adjacent areas. That makes Evelyn Forget’s Basic Income for Canadians a fantastic reference for anyone concerned with the economic shifts resulting from an effective response to the climate emergency. Rapid decarbonization done right is about opportunity…

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Overcoming Ontario’s Poverty Pandemic

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) recently engaged in a project of community hearings on poverty, meant to produce a report on the state of poverty in Ontario and a tool to help the public understand the multi-faceted complexity of the problem—and potential solutions. I spent around a decade of my life living with…

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