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Joe served as Executive Director at CPJ from 2008 to 2019.

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5 Lessons for the Church from Justice Tour 2015

In April and May a delegation of leaders was hosted by ecumenical committees in eight cities across Canada. At the risk of simplifying this tremendously rich experience, it could be said that the leaders heard five main messages repeated over and over again.

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Delivering the Good: Twenty Years of Alternative Budgets

Budgets are documents that clarify our values – they say where our hearts really lie (they may also show how we “lie” if we do not walk the talk!) Politicians (just like faith communities, perhaps) may profess in speech to believe in the greater good. Where and how we spend money, and from where and…

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Climate March

2015: A Big Year for the Climate

From The Catalyst Winter 2014 Canada is failing. In October, the federal Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development, Julie Gelfand, released a scathing report on our government’s environmental record. If it were a report card, Canada would certainly receive a failing grade and be sent to the Principal’s Office for the severe offense of breaking our word….

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Gustavo Gutierrez

Mining meets theology in action

Originally published in Embassy News.  Every day in northern Brazil, 12 long trains filled with minerals leave the largest iron ore mine in the world. Estimates put the worth of each train’s cargo at tens of millions of dollars, while the dilapidated houses on the side of the tracks are home to families who somehow survive on…

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Climate March

Religious Momentum to Resolve the Climate Crisis?

After the People’s Climate March, the Climate Summit, and the growing interest in Canadian worship communities for action, we can all participate in this growing momentum for creation care and advocacy

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Huge Implications for Supreme Court’s Tsilhquot’in Nation Ruling

The land must not be sold permanently, for the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Leviticus 25:23 A late June ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada is causing shock waves among those who espouse an out-dated vision of how the Canadian economy should produce wealth. According to the highest…

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Elections Canada

The Moral Case for Fair Elections

Free and fair votes are the basis of any truly democratic system, something people of faith have a long history of promoting. Yet Christians in Canada have been relatively silent on details such as campaign financing, advertising and even the increasing use of electronic campaign tools. If our approach to politics is rooted in love of neighbour, we will recognize that these issues have moral implications and are worthy of periodic review and revision.

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Truth and Reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples

“You shall be called the repairer of the breach…” – Isaiah 58:12 In over 20 situations across the planet, truth commissions of various sorts have attempted to overcome past injustices. Most often, the process begins with telling a fuller story of what really happened (the truth), as histories are often written by the winners in…

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CPJ staff in support of the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign

Canadian indifference and Syrian desperation

In December 2011, Jason Kenney, then minister of citizenship and immigration, pledged to increase the number of refugees by 20 per cent. However, the government actually decreased the number it resettled by 26 per cent. Only 5,412 government-assisted refugees arrived in our country in 2012, the second lowest number in any one year over the last three decades.


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Sun behind the factory smoke

Fulfilling our Collective Responsibility

This is the second in a three-part series highlighting CPJ’s recommendations for the 2014 federal budget as contained in Fulfilling our Collective Responsibility, our annual brief to the House of Commons’ Finance Committee. This week: how the federal budget can use market mechanisms to attain the government’s promised goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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