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Deborah Mebude is CPJ's interim Communications Coordinator.

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How Can We Create A Canada Worth Celebrating?

Tomorrow is Canada Day.  For many across the country, feelings of grief and lament are eclipsing those of celebration and national pride.  The remains of over one thousand bodies have been uncovered in unmarked graves at former Indian Residential Schools in Kamloops,  Marieval, Brandon, and other locations—and the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission…

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Justice for Immigrant Frontline Workers

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government should take note of the fundamental role that foreign workers, including refugees, play in our food and health care systems.

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Hosting a Pre-election Meeting

An event during the election campaign can be a great way to discuss important issues with candidates and educate members of your community. You can structure the meeting in various ways, including a roundtable discussion, a town hall meeting or a debate.

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Should Canadian voters be concerned about populism?

Canadian voters will select a new government in a few months, joining nearly 2 billion citizens around the world participating in elections this year.

Amid this historic moment in time, appeals to the “everyday” citizen have been widespread, as candidates around the world have attempted to present themselves as the sole representative of the disenfranchised.

But when political leaders claim to be “for the people,” research shows that there can be legitimate reasons for voters to be concerned about the state of democracy.

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Book Review: Leaving Christianity – Changing Allegiances in Canada since 1945;

According to these two Protestant professors at the Toronto School of Theology, the collapse of the vitality of Christian religion in Canada is “very recent.” This fact has serious ramifications for all Canadians, whether religious or not.

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Book Review: The Boy on the Beach

By Tima Kurdi Simon & Schuster, 2018   Review by Deborah Mebude   The Boy on the Beach is an intimate retelling of a family’s tragedy, one that woke up the world to the Syrian refugee crisis. Author and Syrian-Canadian Tima Kurdi brings to life the story of her nephew Alan Kurdi, the two-year-old boy…

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A Decade of Justice

A Decade of Justice

Citizens for Public Justice is grateful for the leadership of Executive Director Joe Gunn, who has served CPJ since 2008. Joe’s passion for public justice has propelled CPJ to where it is today, establishing the organization as a leader on faith and public policy in Canada. Joe will be finishing his tenure of service on February 1, 2019. He sat down with CPJ’s Communications Coordinator to reflect on the last 10 years.

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We’re Stronger Because of You

Together we can bring change! You make change possible! As a faithful supporter of CPJ, you know first-hand what happens when people and groups work together for the common good. On this Giving Tuesday, you can make a donation that brings fair and just changes to Canadian public policy. By donating to CPJ, you are supporting a…

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Have Refugees Created a Housing Crisis in Canada?

An influx of refugee claimants from the U.S. has been making headlines for over a year now. Since the beginning of 2018, the RCMP has intercepted 12,378 irregular border crossers. These numbers, however, are actually down compared to the same period last year and are much lower than initial projections. So why have politicians drawn a connection between refugees and a housing crisis?

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Book Review: The Boat People

 From the Catalyst, Summer 2018

The Boat People 

By Sharon Bala

McClelland & Stewart, 2018

Reviewed by Deborah Mebude

The Boat People is inspired by the untold stories of hundreds of Tamil refugees who arrived on British Columbia’s coast in 2009 and 2010. It depicts the tension between the slow pace of government protocols and the urgent needs of refugees in search of protection. 

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