2016 Annual Report

CPJ Annual Report 2016 A Year of Speaking Out 

We invite you to join us in spending a moment thinking about last year: Did our country move towards a more robust defense of human dignity, enhanced environmental sustainability, and inclusive democratic practice? And did our faith communities play a leading public role, reflecting your own values and hopes, in the journey towards public justice?

After reading our Annual Report, 2016: A Year of Speaking Out (PDF), we think you’ll agree that CPJ certainly encouraged real progress towards ending poverty, promoting ecological justice, and defending the rights of refugees. At CPJ, 2016 was not only a year of speaking out, but, it can also be said, it was a year in which our message was heard across the land and in the halls of decision-makers.

As you scroll through the pages of this annual report, you’ll understand that this work is not accomplished only in Ottawa (although that is where CPJ’s offices are located - only a few blocks from Parliament Hill). Nor is our work only undertaken by our small, yet dedicated, staff. CPJ’s 13 Board members encourage our activities across the entire country, representing our members, and working with you in local communities. Every time you join a CPJ campaign to promote climate justice, reduce poverty, or motivate your Member of Parliament to enhance the situation of newcomers, you are joining in this much larger ministry of like-minded accomplices who want to build public justice in Canada!

We trust that your own commitment to public justice grew, as ours did, in 2016. On behalf of the Board and staff, we sincerely thank all of you who have embarked on this faithful, and faith-filled, witness with us!

In 2018, we will mark 55 years of CPJ’s journey towards God’s shalom – as we work together to link faith, justice and politics to Canada’s most pressing societal concerns. Please continue to pray for us, and work with us, on the exciting journey ahead!

—Rev. Jim Dekker (chair of the Board) and Joe Gunn (executive director)

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