the Catalyst, Spring 2021

Spring 2021 – Vol. 44, No. 1
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Basic Income Is One Spoke in the Wheel

By Natalie Appleyard

Basic income is a powerful policy tool in changing not only people’s incomes, but our whole economic system. Advocates of basic income agree that adequate income must be provided in tandem with other rights-based policies and programs to ensure people get the supports that meet their needs.

In Review

Moving Past Climate Inaction

By Lori Neale and Karri Munn-Venn

There is deep concern about the climate crisis among churches in Canada. Weighed down with this concern, people are often lost with what to do next. Now, For the Love of Creation is providing a way for people of faith to channel their concern and take action.

Growing Black Political Participation in Canada

By Operation Black Vote Canada

Although we have witnessed political gains in Canada, there is still an under-representation of Black people elected to office and at senior decision-making tables in government. Greater political participation among Black Canadians can occur once the community is empowered with the information, tools, and resources that are accessible and tailored specifically to the Black community.

Measuring, and Ending, Poverty in the North

By Janine Harvey

Statistics Canada is developing the Northern Market Basket Measure (MBM-N) to measure poverty in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. The MBM-N needs to work with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people. No decisions should be made for us without us at the table.

Migrant Workers are Organizing, and Winning

By Sarom Rho

Low-waged and racialized workers faced a unique crisis in 2020 due to unfair immigration rules that would lead to the deportation of tens of thousands of migrant workers. A campaign began in earnest, led by migrant student workers themselves. Within a year, we won.

Groundings: Ezrom’s Journey from Imprisonment to Empowerment

By Rev. Daniel Cho

Ezrom Mokgakala was imprisoned along with Nelson Mandela at the height of the apartheid struggle in South Africa. He shared with me his lingering doubts about his ability to fully forgive. But I was utterly convinced that he surely survived the ordeal with unparalleled moral courage, dignity, resilience, and grace.

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