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Take Action: Poverty in Canada

Chew on This! Want to take concrete steps towards ending poverty in Canada?

Here are some suggestions for political engagement, personal or small-group education, and spreading the word. 

Take Action: Ecological Justice

QC Climate March Want to take concrete steps towards climate justice?

CPJ has set up a online action in partnership with the CRC's Centre for Public Dialogue. Urge your MP to support increased climate ambition and clean energy policies! As an expression of love for God’s awesome creation, tell your MP that you, as a person of faith, want meaningful climate action – consistent with the principles of the Paris Agreement – to reduce GHG emissions and address climate change.

Take Action: Refugee Rights

Refugee Rights Take Action

Wondering how to let leaders know that refugees are welcome in our communities?

The online form includes recommendations that are raised in CPJ's report, A Half Welcome, and practical steps to advocate for just refugee policies.

Take Action: Democratic Reform

ottawa parliament hill Join CPJ in calling for electoral reform in Canada!

Add your voice to Lead Now’s Vote Better campaign calling on Prime Minister Trudeau reverse his decision and keep his promise to introduce a proportional representation system for Canada.

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