Poem: Dance to the Music of Prophets Mending the World

Dance to the Music of Prophets Mending the World
Celebrating 40 years of Citizens for Public Justice

A poem on the 40th Anniversary of Citizens for Public Justice and the Public Justice Resource Centre by Linda Siebenga, CPJ member and poet living on a farm in Blackfalds, Alberta

Dance to the Music of Prophets Mending the World

dance with us today on the edge of anticipation
     kingdom-coming participation
forty years of Citizens for Public Justice

dance to the music of prophets mending the world
     with liberating principles
drawing us to our calling to embrace the sabbath vision

as they perch on the possibility of enough is enough
     long enough to celebrate
     that one movement

pause to let your name Lord
            touch their lips
     with requests to see your kingdom coming
            your will being done
     here as well as there

put on their working clothes
     and grapple with the grinding wheels
     of economics and politics

hand out lessons of care for this household of Canada
     eyes to see the children without breakfast
     the mothers and fathers stressed out when
     their minimum wage doesn't cover their needs
     those whose rent soars above their ability to pay
     the unemployed and over-employed
     both needing a balanced day's work

care for this earth that is nudged off the charts
     by producing and consuming
     in a trader's game where the poor
     and the environment become national pawns 

bend the ears of politicians to help them reconsider
     their emphasis on debt-reduction
     at the expense of the least privileged     

     help them consider
         the crucial needs and deep strengths
              of native people
         the preciousness of each person who has
              a toehold on Canadian soil
     help them think through
         what it feels like to be a refugee
              in a psychological nowhere land
         between persecution and a safe country

celebrate today with these prophets
      who work at their calling to be salt 

      who take up the challenge of Isaiah
             to speak up
         for those who are unable

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