Mennonite Church of Canada Climate Action

Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective:

We believe that God has created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and that God preserves and renews what has been made. All creation ultimately has its source outside itself and belongs to the Creator. The world has been created good because God is good and provides all that is needed for life.

Climate Action:

  • 2014: Mennonite Church Canada formed a Climate Change Working group in response to a recommendation that MC Canada consider divestment from the fossil fuel industry (see Fossil Free Menno for more information). The working group will report to the General Board at Assembly 2016.
  • 2014: Mark Bigland-Pritchard presented a Climate Change resolution to the General Assembly for consideration.
  • 2007: Mennonite Church of Canada reaffirmed its commitment to creation care: “Mennonite Church Canada believes that God longs for the well-being and health of the whole world, for all of creation is bound together and belongs to God, who has created and who preserves all things. Our concern for faithfulness and discipleship should also lead us to care for creation. Mennonite Church Canada believes that God is calling us to commit ourselves to discern the paths of faithfulness to be good stewards of the earth.”
  • 2007: Green Assembly Resolution passed to make national gatherings as green as possible, resulting in the creation of a set of green guidelines by the Creation Care Network.
  • 2006: Bi-national Mennonite Creation Care Network formed (successor to the Mennonite Environmental Taskforce).
  • 1995: Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective, including several articles that speak to creation-care issues, was adopted.
  • 1989: Stewardship of the earth resolution on environment and faith issues led to the creation of the Mennonite Environmental Task Force (precursor to the current Creation Care Network).
  • 1977: resolution on Christian stewardship of energy resources.

Interfaith Statements:

Resources Available:

Please note: CPJ has compiled this resource using publicly available information to help people of faith join the action already being taken by their national church. It is not meant as a comprehensive history, but if we’ve missed something important please let us know by emailing ac.jpc@etamilc.