CPJ Supports Joint Letter to PM on Climate Action

When Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in October 2015, his commitment to host a First Ministers’ meeting on climate change within 90 days of the conclusion of the Paris climate talks was already on the books.

Those 90 days are now set to expire, and this highly anticipated meeting is now upon us.

The Prime Minister will host a First Ministers’ Meeting with Premiers on March 3, 2016 in Vancouver. In the lead-up to this critical discussion on the development of a Canadian climate action plan, CPJ is pleased to be signatory to a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling for bold policy measures to address climate change, reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, and promote a just transition to a clean economy. There are several key elements we would like to see in a Canadian climate action plan:

  1. A new science-based emission reduction target consistent with a 1.5 degree temperature rise.
  2. A clear and measurable plan for a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  3. An end to subsidies for fossil fuel industries and investments in a green economy.
  4. A carbon fee set at $30 per tonne and a commitment to increase it over time.
  5. A far-reaching, permanent regulatory approval process for assessing energy projects.
  6. A $4 billion annual contribution to climate adaptation and mitigation measures in the Global South.

Spearheaded by Climate Fast, this letter is supported by 55 environmental, social justice, and faith groups across Canada.

It is our hope that this letter, and the recommendations it contains, will be received in a spirit of support and encouragement. For the first time we have leaders of the federal and provincial governments expressing shared interest in taking action to address climate change and coming together to put a plan in place. We want them to know that we support them in this challenging endeavour.

The joint letter to the Prime Minister is also available in French.

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