CPJ Denounces Islamophobia and Violence in Quebec City

By Citizens for Public Justice

CPJ expresses solidarity with Muslim community in the wake of shooting 


Ottawa, ON: January 30, 2017 — Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) expressed solidarity with the Muslim community of Quebec City in the wake of the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre last night. 

CPJ is an organization made up of Canadian Christians, churches, and religious congregations from across Canada.

“Our members are dedicated to the work of building an inclusive, generous and fair society,” said executive director, Joe Gunn. “Last night’s shooting, targeting people of faith during their worship and prayer, is a deplorable attack on all Canadians and our most deeply-held values.”  

CPJ had also denounced the November 2016 racist graffiti spray paintings of five houses of prayer (Muslim, Jewish and Christian) in Ottawa, and today expressed solidarity with all people in Canada, the U.S., and around the world affected by Donald Trump’s bans on Muslim immigration. 

“Muslim-Canadians are a critical part of the fabric of Canadian life and the global community,” said Gunn. “Policies rooted in fear and isolation, like Donald Trump’s ban on immigration of persons from seven nations, will only lead to greater division and violence.”


For more information, contact Brad Wassink at ac.jpc@darb or 613-232-0275 x. 225.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Federico Builes

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