the Catalyst, Summer 2016

Summer 2016 – Vol. 39, No. 2

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My Town Is Flooding
By Rev. Adam Snook

Mahone Bay is addressing the impacting legacy of pollution, irresponsible stewardship, and disregard for creation.

In Review

Consulting on Climate: Let’s Make Our Voices Heard
By Karri Munn-Venn

These consultations offer a unique opportunity for all of us, as Canadians and as people of faith, to help shape climate policy.

We Are All Connected to Climate Change
An infographic by Miriam Mahaffy

CPJ has developed this infographic about the need for federal action on climate change to help faith communities engage in the federal climate change consultations.

A Discussion on Basic Income
By Jamie Swift and Mary Boyd

Two CPJ supporters explain their arguments for and against implementing a basic income, a system where the government ensures that everyone in Canada receives a certain level of income.

Ski With the Cree
By Katherine Walsh

It was a privilege to share in the lives of the Cree, who have been guided by their social bonds within their community and with the land from time immemorial.

Education is Critical to Reconciliation
By Amie Nault

Reconciliation is a process that isn’t just a moment, or a handful of moments. It’s a journey that we all have to walk together.

Groundings: Be Encouraged to Address Poverty
By Meghan Mast

Be encouraged. Addressing poverty can be overwhelming, but you are not alone and there is so much you can do.

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