the Catalyst, Spring 2016

Spring 2016 – Vol. 39, No. 1

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Refugee Health Care Restored
by Rachel DeBruyn

The federal government fully restored the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) to all refugees on April 1, 2016. Citizens for Public Justice is celebrating, and across Canada refugees and their sponsors are sighing in relief—they no longer need to worry about how they will pay for their health needs.

In Review

COP21: Three Next Steps for Churches
by Miriam Mahaffy

Faith leaders have declared that climate change is a moral issue requiring concrete action. However, brave words in legal documents or religious declarations alone won’t achieve climate justice. It requires countries, communities, and individuals to courageously embody these intentions.

Stories from “Prayers for COP21 in Paris”

In the lead-up to the COP21 climate negotiations last December, Citizens for Public Justice produced resources to support faithful worship, action, and reflection on climate change. As world leaders gathered at COP21 to draft the Paris Agreement, here are a few ways that people of faith across Canada were using CPJ’s resources to engage climate justice in the pews.

Faith Perspectives Matter in Seeking Justice
by Darlene O’Leary

A faith perspective places human dignity, the common good, and the integrity of creation at the centre of economic life. Faith communities are calling for public justice. We want to see Canada’s public policy decisions reflect this understanding of what living together as a beloved community means.

The Earth is Our Mother
by Michelle Nieviadomy

The earth is our source, not a resource. Creator gave her as a gift to all humanity to live well, live in harmony, and live in balance with her and all her inhabitants. Yet we are living in a time where our earth is in crisis.

A Chance to End Child Poverty for Good
by Anita Khanna

With the election of a new federal government, Canada must seize the opportunity for overdue transformation of its shameful poverty record.

Groundings: Faith Rooted in Migration Stories
by Naomi Kabugi

The spirit of migration permeates, and to a large extent defines ,the biblical narrative. We can find theme in Genesis, the Psalms, and Revelation.

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