Broken electoral reform promise dismaying: CPJ

By Citizens for Public Justice

Faith group has long called for proportional representation


Ottawa, ON: February 1, 2017 — Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is dismayed to learn today that the Trudeau government has abandoned its promise to enact proportional representation in Canada.

CPJ, a faith-based public policy organization, has been calling for a system of proportional representation in Canada for years.

“Our electoral system must address the needs of the most vulnerable in Canadian society and ensure that everyone can contribute to our democratic system,” said Brad Wassink, CPJ’s communications coordinator. “A system of proportional representation would do a better job of making the voices of Canadians heard.”

CPJ was encouraged by the December 2016 report from the Special Committee on Electoral Reform that included a call to promote greater voter participation and proportionality.

In our own brief to the committee, CPJ called for a system of mixed-member proportional representation, which is fully proportional while maintaining a strong, direct relationship between voters and MPs.


For more information, contact Brad Wassink at ac.jpc@darb or 613-232-0275 x. 225.

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