Book Review: Glorious and Free by Bryce Dymond

By Citizens for Public Justice

From The Catalyst, Summer 2015

Glorious and Free
By Bryce Dymond
FriesenPress, 2015

Reviewed by Naomi Kabugi

Bryce Dymond reminds the reader that poverty is not entirely an issue for developing countries nor does one need to travel outside Canada to see it. Child poverty is a reality in Canada. The cycle of child poverty is a result of, among many other things, abusive homes, addictions, bullying, and mental illness. The story of Glorious and Free invites the reader to contemplate child poverty with an action plan not just to raise awareness about it, but to also contribute to programs that work towards eliminating child poverty in Canada.

In twelve chapters and 125 pages of short active stories, Dymond tells of his run across Canada to educate and raise funds for children living in poverty. It’s his inclusion of his stories of frustration and encouragement, as well as personal love stories of friends and family that supported him, that make this great story of faith and hope so refreshing to read.

Glorious and Free and Dymond’s national run capture the capacity and generosity of Canada’s people and the scenery of its provinces, making it a great Canadian story. These are beautiful stories about people whose culture of kindness intersects with their rights and responsibilities as citizens to contribute to the well-being of all people, beginning with children.

This book is great for elementary school children and their families. With stories told from personal experience, children will be made aware of other children’s initiative to participate in nation-building through simple ways that make a difference.

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