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Karri Munn-Venn is CPJ's senior policy analyst.

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Sustainability and Earth protection driven community work concept

Emissions Down and Justice All Around

The scientific requirement of transformational climate action signalled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) echoes Indigenous voices and affirms the knowledge and experience of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples who have cared for, and defended the lands, waters, and ecosystems across this land for generations. The scale of change required can feel…

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Canadian flag with a wind turbine farm in the background

Just Transition Consultation

Our Earth is suffering. Natural systems are shifting, plant species are vulnerable, too many animals are at risk of extinction, and humans (especially in Northern communities and the Global South) are losing their lives and livelihoods to environmental degradation and disasters. Entire ecosystems, communities, and nations are struggling to survive. The global climate crisis is…

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Hope amidst devastation as COP26 concludes

Alok Sharma, the British MP serving as President of COP26, was visibly shaken as he gaveled the adoption of the Glasgow Climate Pact on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of a challenging two weeks of negotiations at COP26, the UN Climate Conference.

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Book Review: A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

Seth Klein’s A Good War, is a book about solutions. Big, broad, whole-of-society, our-house-is-on-fire-and-we-must-act-like-it pathways to a better future. He asks, “If climate change is truly an emergency (and it is), how must we respond?” and “What lessons can be drawn from the ways that Canada has responded to emergencies in the past?” Ironically, A…

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Budget 2021: A Pandemic Response Without a Just Recovery

Despite very significant investments in social, economic, and environmental measures, Budget 2021 does not go the distance in bringing about a just recovery.

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Why the path to climate justice includes both personal and political action

Alongside my personal journey, I have joined my voice with thousands of people in Canada calling on the federal government to make policy changes that will move us further and faster towards the Paris temperature goals.

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Moving Past Climate Inaction

There is deep concern about the climate crisis among churches in Canada. Weighed down with this concern, people are often lost with what to do next. Now, For the Love of Creation is providing a way for people of faith to channel their concern and take action.

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CPJ Expresses Support for Bill C-15

CPJ joined colleagues from a number of national churches and faith organizations in writing to Minister Lametti to express our support for Bill C-15, the “UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act.”

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CPJ Calls on PM Trudeau to Cancel TMX Pipeline

In the wake of US President Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, CPJ has joined our partners in calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to cancel the Trans Mountain Pipeline and follow-through on commitments to bring forward a just transition act.

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Open Letter from Faith Communities on Bill C-12, The Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act

In collaboration with our colleague organizations in For the Love of Creation, CPJ submitted an open letter to Minister Jonathan Wilkinson urging him to strengthen the climate accountability legislation without delay.

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