All together now – references

References: CPJ Submission Pre-Budget Consultation 2018

Page 1:

Citizens for Public Justice:

global compact on refugees:

poverty reduction:

climate change:

refugee rights:

4.8 million people in Canada live in poverty: CPJ’s Poverty Trends report 2017;

$72 and $86 billion annually: Ontario Association of Food Banks, The Cost of Poverty, 2008;

Page 2:

Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy:

Canada Workers Benefit:

tax reform:

2 A model national anti-poverty plan was developed by the Dignity for All campaign in 2015 and includes the recommendations cited;

focused income benefit for working-age adults: CPJ’s Towards a Guaranteed Livable Income, 2017;

3 As recommended in the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Getting There: Alternative Federal Budget 2018;

Page 3:

savings of $1.6 billion annually: CPJ’s Why Fossil Fuel Subsidies Don’t Belong in Canada’s Climate Policy, 2018;

primary source of emissions:

Conference Board of Canada:

least $2-trillion (U.S.) by 2020: UN Environment Programme, Resource Efficiency: Potential and Economic Implications, 2017;

Page 4:

create large numbers of diverse, well-paying jobs: Green Economy Network, One Million Climate Jobs, 2016;

owing $10,000 in loans:

only $13 million/year:

CPJ’s 2017 Poverty Trends report: CPJ’s Poverty Trends report 2017;

Page 5:

more likely to own businesses: Statistics Canada, Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, 2016;

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