What We Do

CPJ works to keep public justice front and centre in policy debates. Our members, who come from a wide variety of faith communities, participate in CPJ’s work through campaigns, dialogue, and financial support. CPJ has a small professional staff team based in Ottawa and a 14-member board of directors with representatives from across Canada. 

We invite you to help us to be a hope-filled presence in Canadian public affairs by joining your voice to ours.

Our work includes:

  • Research: CPJ prepares infographics and reports which explore key policy issues.
  • Events: We regularly host and participate in public meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, consultations, and round tables.
  • the Catalyst: Our print newsletter on issues of public justice in Canada.
  • Books: Our popular worship and action guides on poverty in Canada and ecological justice.
  • Media: CPJ regularly publishes articles and opinion pieces in mainstream and Christian media outlets.
  • JusticE-NEWS: Our monthly electronic newsletter.
  • Policy Statements: When appropriate, CPJ engages in non-partisan political activity to seek a change in public policy. We communicate the results of our research and analysis to government policy-makers, including civil servants, MPs and parliamentary committees, primarily at the federal level.
  • Citizen Engagement: CPJ creates opportunities for citizens to engage the political process.


CPJ addresses a range of public justice issues that foster hopeful citizenship:

Poverty in Canada

CPJ works to advance federal policy measures that will reduce poverty, including measures on income security, affordable housing, childcare, progressive taxation, and jobs and training. Read more

Ecological Justice

Building on a significant history of environmental engagement, CPJ urges the government to adopt better federal climate change policy. Read more

Refugee Rights

CPJ works to educate the public — especially churches — on the impact of legislative change on refugees and claimants, and on the groups who sponsor them to come to Canada. Read more


Taxes are an important contribution to the common good. CPJ  regularly conducts research and releases policy statements on taxation policy in Canada. Read more

Democratic Reform

CPJ believes that introducing proportional representation or a hybrid model to our electoral system would more accurately represent Canadians’ views than our current first-past-the-post system. Read more

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