the Catalyst, Spring 2022

Spring 2022 (Volume 45, Number 1)

#WelcomeToCanada - the Catalyst cover illustration

Handcuffs, Shackles, and Jail Bars: What a Canadian Welcome Ought Not to Be

Canada prides itself on setting historic immigration targets and agreeing to resettle more refugees than most other countries. But Canada also continues to restrict asylum eligibility and increase restrictive border control measures, including holding asylum seekers in detention centres. Can Canada truly claim to be a safe haven while simultaneously transgressing the rights of those…

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The Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain has been under construction for nearly 140 years. Upon completion it will be the tallest church building in the world.

Reflections of a Retiring Social Justice Activist: Public Trust and Engagement

Citizens for Public Justice has long been concerned with public trust. On March 11, 1976, Chief Justice Bora Laskin of the Supreme Court reversed a decision by the Federal Court of Appeal and validated the intervention claim by The Committee for Justice and Liberty Foundation (CJL, the forerunner to CPJ). He declared that there was…

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Engineer and Technician checking equipment in solar panels for great efficiency

Just Transition: Tending the Moral Summons

An increasing number of voices in Canada are calling on the federal government to tackle climate change and inequality together. At first glance, this might seem overly ambitious. Just addressing climate change alone will require big changes. To achieve the government’s commitment to net-zero emissions as early as possible, we will need to both accelerate…

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Totem poles with trees and blue sky in the background

Groundings: Accountability and Stewardship in Indigenous Contexts

Growing up, the environment was always Mother Earth, Yethka Makoche (a.k.a. Stoney Country). We existed within the rhythms of this land, its seasons and times of the moon: intimate times, related to the world around us where everything had a name and purpose. The names told us how we related, and how we belonged. The…

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A small group of people providing a meal to the homeless and any other people in need in downtown Calgary

Pandemic Benefits are Punishing those with the Lowest Incomes

Within the first few weeks of the pandemic, the federal government moved quickly to provide income support to people across the country. A new program, the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), was created because it became quickly apparent that the existing system, Employment Insurance, was inadequate to deal with the scale of unemployment. However, the…

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Team of Surgeons Operating in the Hospital

Is Canadian Healthcare Truly Universal? Health Inequities Based on Immigration Status

Canadian communities are comprised of individuals with different immigration status, coexisting in the same spaces and sharing similar experiences and realities. For some, the attributes of “permanence,” that Citizens and Permanent Residents have, or “transience,” for those with expiry dates on their Canadian documents, bear little significance in the realms of community and daily living—we…

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A clear water lake, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains

Emissions Reduction Plan is the First Serious Test of Canada’s New Climate Law

The past 12 months have brought the reality of the climate emergency to the front door of people across Canada. Since this time last year, Canadians have experienced killer heatwaves, disastrous flooding, and choking wildfires. In the midst of this climate chaos, it can be hard to remember that the passage of the Canadian Net-Zero…

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Two young boys playing and hugging

Our Voices Matter: Disability Advocacy

An Interview with the Our Voices Matter Advisory Council by Natalie Appleyard, February 2022. This edition of the Catalyst focuses on the themes of public trust and accountability. CPJ’s Natalie Appleyard asked members of the Ontario-based Our Voices Matter advisory council to share their thoughts on what could help build a sense of trust and…

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