CPJ is pleased to be part of the For the Love of Creation leadership team.

For the Love of Creation – A Faith-based Initiative for Climate Justice is a collaboration of Canadian churches and organizations coming together on a journey of reflection, dialogue, discernment, advocacy, and action on the issue of climate change.

We aim to engage people individually and in community, as congregations and organizations, all across the country in a climate conversation centred on three themes:

  1. Theological reflection. Together, we will create a space for collaborative responsive theology, exploring our relationship with the Creator and creation, and encouraging theologically grounded and relevant dialogue about climate justice and global warming.
  2. Local and congregational engagement. We will endeavour to increase dialogue and reduce polarization in the climate change conversation in Canada; to build consensus on the actions needed to build a sustainable future for all.
  3. Political advocacy. As people of faith, we will urge the government of Canada to meet and ultimately exceed our Paris climate commitments by investing in a just transition and establishing a fair and inclusive economy. Honouring the rights of Indigenous peoples and incorporating Indigenous knowledge and experience into any proposed solutions is essential to this work.

For the Love of Creation was launched on April 22, 2020, to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Read the launch statement and encourage your faith community to participate.

Together we will explore how we can work together to build healthy, resilient communities, and a better future for all beings in Creation. To learn more, visit fortheloveofcreation.ca / pourlamourdelacreation.ca or contact Karri Munn-Venn.

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