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The Catalyst regularly wins awards at the annual Canadian Church Press awards ceremony.


  • the Catalyst “The Living Relationship Between the People and the Land” by Mark MacDonald – Third Place¬† -Theological Reflection
  • “Vulnerable Voices” by Sylvia C. Keesmaat – Second Place –¬†Biblical Interpretation


  • “Infographic: We Are All Connected to Climate Change”¬†by Miriam Mahaffy – Third Place – Original Artwork – Newspaper


  • “Income Splitting: A Contentious Debate within the Canadian Church” by Simon Lewchuk – Third Place – Features (Non-fiction) – Newspaper/Newsletter
  • “The State of Refugee Health: A Prognosis for Public Justice in Canada” by Doug Gruner – Third Place –¬†Opinion Piece (circulation up to 9,999)
  • “Defiance, Not Compliance: Turning the Other Cheek” by Leah Watkiss – Third Place – Biblical Interpretation
  • “Winter 2014¬†Cover” – Pao Quang Yeh – Third Place – Front Cover Magazine¬†¬†(circulation up to 9,999)


  • “Falling in Love with the Earth” by Stephen Bede¬†Scharper – Second Place –¬†Theological Reflection


  • ¬†‚ÄúThe Northern Gateway Pipeline: Why We Cling to Oil‚Ä̬†by Randolph¬†Haluza-DeLay – First Place – Opinion Piece (circulation up to 9,999)
  • ‚ÄúPeace on Earth, Joy to the World!‚Ä̬†by James¬†Loney¬†– Second¬†¬†Place – Theological Reflection


  • “Taxes and Democracy: Two Sides of the Same Coin” by Chandra¬†Pasma – First Place – Features (Newsletter/Newspaper)
  • “The Crux of Justice” by Greg Paul – ¬†First Place – Theological Reflection


  • “Metaphors for Diversity” by¬†Shiao Chong – Second Place – Theological Reflection -Devotional/Inspirational (Open)


  • “Tar sands fever threatens Edmonton farmland” by Cheryl Mahaffy¬†– Second Place – Features (Newspaper/Newsletter)


  • Editor Louise¬†Slobodian, Design Eric Mills – First Place – General Excellence (Newsletter): ‚ÄúThe newsletter works! Articles communicate the function and achievements of CPJ and provide interesting and informative content. This newsletter continues to be practical and visually attractive. Layout is well-balanced with text, placement of pictures and colour. A professional publication!”
  • “The Revolving Door of the Justice System”¬†by Henry Smidstra¬†– First Place – Feature (Newsletter): ‚ÄúThoughtful, well-written piece that draws on personal experience; writing as a chaplain gives the subject matter a legitimacy that a mere reporter would not have. Uses a personal story as a lead ‚Äď we can understand people better than figures and ideas.‚ÄĚ
  • “Parable of the Vineyard Workers”¬†by Greg deGroot-Maggetti: ‚ÄúA compelling composition that juxtaposes biblical verses and images with modern day understandings of economic justice. This piece reminds us of why we attempt biblical interpretation in the first place ‚Äď to transform the way we live on faith in the world.‚ÄĚ


  • Editors Janet Somerville and Louise¬†Slobodian, Design Eric Mills – First Place – General excellence (Newsletter)
  • “Mad farmers and BSE ‚Ķ 20 months later”¬†by John¬†Kolk. Features (Newsletter): ‚ÄúIt is an articulate, challenging statement of concerns that doesn’t point fingers at others, but says, “Here are the issues, what will we do with them?” A very helpful addition to an important discussion.‚ÄĚ
  • “Broadbent‚Äôs lament ‚Ķ and a politics of hopeful citizenship”¬†by Mike¬†Hogeterp¬†– Opinion piece (Newsletter): ‚ÄúThe author starts with a very real conundrum ‚Äď cynicism about politics ‚Äď and with effective use of research and personal observation offers hope for a very real solution.‚ÄĚ
  • “Who‚Äôs safe in the ‚Äėsafe third‚Äô agreement” by Chris Pullenayegem¬†– Editorial (Newsletter): ‚ÄúWell written, passionate call for government to reconsider Safe Third Country agreement.‚ÄĚ
  • “Abraham: from alien to citizen”¬†by Janet Somerville – Biblical interpretation (Open): ‚ÄúInsightful treatment of the Abraham story. An elegant and engaging exposition on the theme of hospitality in the Hebrew scriptures becomes a touchstone for the modern day dilemma of immigration and refugee settlement.‚ÄĚ


  • “God at Couchiching: a contested guest” by¬†Dani Shaw – Best news story (Newsletter)
  • “Time to help shape a national child care strategy?”¬†by¬†Greg deGroot-Maggetti¬†– Best Feature
  • “Can refugees breathe in a fog of suspicion?” by Chris Pullenayegem¬†– Best opinion piece (Newsletter)
  • “A ruinously costly shield: or why King Solomon would love BMD … and why we shouldn’t”¬†by Janet Somerville – Second Place – Biblical Interpretation (Open)
  • Editor Janet Somerville, Production¬†Manager Louise¬†Slobodian, and Designer Michele MacDonald¬†– Second¬†Place – ¬†General Excellence (Newsletter): “A well written, well designed newsletter that reflects its purpose. I like the news feel. Good pictures and graphics. A ‘high impact’ publication. Very good! A newsletter with passion!”


  • Editor: Murray¬†MacAdam – First Place General Excellence (Newsletter)


  • “Housing Crisis Stories” by Greg de¬†Groot-Maggetti, Rebecca Higgins, Murray¬†MacAdam, and Bob¬†Hawkesworth¬†–¬†Honourable¬†Mention – Features (Newspapers)
  • “Salvation here and hereafter” by John¬†Valk¬† ¬†–¬†Honourable¬†Mention – Theological Reflection – Doctrinal (Open: All Publications)


  • “Drought ravages land & lives” by Jodie¬†Sinnema¬†–¬†Honourable¬†Mention – Feature (Magazines and Journals)
  • ¬†Editor: Murray MacAdam; Designer: Michele MacDonald –¬†Honourable¬†Mention – General Excellence (Specialized Magazine and Journals)


  • Editor: Murray¬†MacAdam; Designer: Michele MacDonald¬†–¬†Honourable¬†Mention – General Excellence (Specialized Magazines and Journals)


  • “Sabbath: A Radically Alternative Image of God” by Sylvia C¬†Keesmaat¬†–¬†Honourable¬†Mention – Theological Reflection – Doctrinal (Open)


  • “Spiritual Tips for the Long Haul” by Jack Costello – ¬†First Prize –¬†SJ¬†Theological Reflection – Inspirational (Open)
  • “The Multilateral Agreement on Investment” by Andrew¬†Brouwer – Honourable Mention – Feature (Magazines and Journals)


  • “Loving God for Nothing” by Mary Jo¬†Leddy – Honourable Mention – Theological Reflection – Doctrinal (Open)


  • “Let’s Put Herod Back into Christmas” by Richard Middleton – ¬†First Place – Theological Reflection – Inspirational

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