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Reforming Canada’s refugee policies: Consultation required!

Refugee policies are complicated, require sensitivity, and stir up much emotion. As a result, it is crucial that the public be involved in the development of such policies to provide various viewpoints and options. But with the recent refugee bill public debate was only held during the amendment process, not in the drafting of the...

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Fast at the expense of fair?

Rebekah Sears looks at the proposed changes to the refugee system, questioning whether they emphasize Fast at the Expense of Fair? Rebekah notes several conditions the proposed changes need to meet in order to ensure the system remains fair.

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Making the Best of It

Rebekah Sears considers who we are for Jesus, today, in her review of Making the Best of It by John G. Stackhouse.

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Moving beyond “We’re sorry” to a legacy of change and hope

June 11 marks the second anniversary of the Canadian Government’s apology for the Indian Residential Schools. But an apology by itself is not enough. Forgiveness, reconciliation and the restoration of broken relationships requires a change in behaviour: repentance. In recent months, there have been more promises and actions to restore relations with Aboriginal peoples and the...

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