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Hanh Ngo is a law student from the University of Ottawa.

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Justice for All Creation

Environmental degradation has coincided with the dispossession and disempowerment of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and elsewhere. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can make a better future.

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The Pandemic Invites Us to Simplicity and Solidarity

The brokenness of our societal structures and our economic systems mean that for many this is a time of tremendous hardship, insecurity, and loss. We need to continue to come together to work to right these wrongs.

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CPJ’s New Board Chair: An Interview With Cherilyn Spraakman

In the summer of 2020, CPJ’s Board of Directors elected Cherilyn Spraakman as its new chair. Cherilyn spoke with Brad Wassink about her new role as CPJ’s Board chair.

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Canada Must Step Up Against the STCA

In 2015, Morgan was turned away at the Canadian border and sent to Clinton County Prison in central Pennsylvania. Her painful journey shows Canada’s negligence of asylum seekers’ rights.

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When Poverty Talks, Who Listens?

The most successful consultations are based on an understanding that lived-experience perspectives are critical to include.

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Finding Hope in Uncertain Times

While the demands of this pandemic are great, there is a very clear role for grassroots activism in these difficult and uncertain times.

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CPJ celebrates Ottawa’s important move to net zero emissions

We know that the success achieved by the UK, Denmark, and New Zealand is largely attributed to legislated accountability measures.

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How to Green Your Church

Church greening is a great place to start to love creation better. But the warming of the planet is occurring at a scale that necessitates far-reaching, society- and economy-wide adjustments.

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Canadian faith groups launch climate conversation initiative

Canadian churches and faith-based organizations under For the Love of Creation have launched two programs to increase dialogue on climate change

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A Summary of the 2020 STCA Ruling

The Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) is an asylum agreement between Canada and the United States recognizing one another as safe countries for potential refugees to seek protection. Enacted on December 29, 2004, the Agreement holds that refugee claimants are required to request refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in; unless they…

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Let’s End Child Detention in Canada

The psychological and emotional effects that result from detention are extremely traumatic, especially since many of these children have already experienced trauma in their home countries.

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Inequity on rise, systemic change needed

Anti-poverty groups say Canadians most vulnerable to living in poverty will fall further behind because of COVID-19 unless post-pandemic recovery efforts focus on eliminating systemic issues.

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