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Josephine Adeosun
Former Social Work Intern

Josephine Adeosun is currently a 4th year student of Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) at Carleton University.  In the course of her study, Josephine has conducted some research work on poverty, homelessness, and inequality which invariably sparked off genuine passion for individuals advocacy for people under these categories. It also led to her first placement at St Joe’s Women’s Centre Ottawa where she became increasingly aware of how these issues have greatly affected the immigrant women in particular.

Josephine also had volunteering experience at Pro-Labore-Dei and Rehoboth Care Centre where she assisted with serving food, drinks and desserts to the homeless youths and provided crisis intervention at some points. Josephine was also part of the team that drew up the policy for the smooth and effective operations of Rehoboth Care Centre. She was also part of the planning and implementation of special programs in the organization. 

Although, Josephine is relatively new to the issue on climate change, from growing up in a Christian home she understands how important the environment is to humanity and the need to keep our ecological community safe. She is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and understanding on ecological justice at CPJ.

In her spare time, Josephine edits various YouTube videos and works with the media team at her church to create audio visual announcements. She also volunteers with the church’s choir and youth department. She also participates in community outreach programs. 


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