Break the Barriers

“Break the Barriers”

October 2016

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People living in poverty in Canada face multiple barriers. As a country, we can do better to address these persistent challenges. We need a national anti-poverty plan that takes a comprehensive approach to the complex reality of poverty. “Break the Barriers” is CPJ’s annual report on poverty in Canada. While overall poverty rates have not seen significant change in the last several years, particular groups are increasingly vulnerable.

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On the Margins: A Glimpse of Poverty in Canada

“On the Margins”

October 2015
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“On the Margins” reports that 4.9 million people in Canada (or roughly 1 in 7) live in poverty. It also provides a breakdown of poverty rates for each province and territory as well as the 20 big cities and small communities in Canada with the highest poverty rates.

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The Invisible Victims

“The Invisible Victims”

 July 2015
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This study demonstrates the severely negative effects that a minimum residency requirement for social assistance would have on refugee claimants in Canada. After conducting a survey of service providers who work directly with refugees as well as gathering personal testimonies from claimants, the report provides ample evidence that the policy would be inadvisable on economic, humanitarian, and legal grounds.

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Taxes for the Common Good

“Taxes for the Common Good”

May 2015

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Taxes are not simply about money or fees collected by governments. They are equally about public programs and services, reducing poverty and the harmful effects of inequality, and protecting the environment.

“Taxes for the Common Good” is a series of six fact sheets highlighting the positive role taxes play in a democratic society and summarizing up-to-date information on the costs and opportunities afforded by various federal tax policy options.

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“National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada”

February 2015

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It’s time for a plan to end poverty in Canada. In a country as wealthy as ours, 4.8 million people struggle to make ends meet: to pay their rent, feed their families, and address basic needs. This report makes recommendations in six policy areas: Labour and Employment, Food Security, Health, Income Security, Housing and Homelessness, and Early Childhood Education and Care. It calls for the Federal Government to immediately take action in each of these areas, to address both the immediate and long-term needs of the 1 in 7 people in Canada who live in poverty.

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The Burden of Poverty

October 2014
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“The Burden of Poverty: A snapshot of poverty across Canada” uses the most recent data from Statistics Canada to demonstrate the reality of poverty across the country and provides an accessible set of materials to support national and community-level anti-poverty work across the country.

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Syrian Refugees

“Private Sponsorship and Public Policy”

September 2014
“Private Sponsorship and Public Policy” is a survey of church connected sponsorship agreements holders, those two assist refugees in their resettlement. It outlines their top concerns with government policy including wait times, health cuts, and consultation. 

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“Making Ends Meet”

December 2013
This fourth and final report in our Poverty Trends Scorecard series shows that in the face of economic uncertainty and stagnant incomes, Canadians are working hard to keep up with rising living costs.

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Mother and child

Is it time for a Guaranteed Livable Income?

Call it what you want – a basic income, guaranteed annual income, or guaranteed livable income – it’s an idea that’s gaining momentum both in Canada and abroad as countries such as Switzerland, India, and Brazil begin to test and consider such a program. The idea behind a guaranteed income is relatively straightforward: scrap our…

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Poverty Trends Highlights 2013

“Poverty Trends Highlights: Canada 2013”

October 2013
The new “Poverty Trends Highlights” report brings together the most recent data on poverty in Canada to identify where things are improving and where they’re getting worse.

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