Travel Loan Stories

CPJ interviewed refugees who wished to share stories of how the burden of loans has affected their resettlement in Canada. Here’s what they had to say.

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Living in the Gap

Living in the Gap: A Snapshot of Precarity in Canada

Living in the Gap is a series of infographics developed for the Dignity for All Campaign, which is co-led by Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty. They show a snapshot of the monthly incomes, expenses, and experiences of six fictitious households. Drawn from across the country in rural and urban settings, these snapshots illustrate how precarity affects our...

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Infographic: Why the Fuss Over Oil and Gas?

When we talk about government action on climate change in Canada people often want to know, why do we put so much focus on reducing emissions from the oil and gas industry?

The oil and gas sector produces more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than any other sector of the Canadian economy.

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Cement Manufacturing

Infographic: What is a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions?

Understanding GHG emissions can be challenging. We cannot actually see them accumulate. And they come from a variety of sources. It doesn’t help either that we usually talk about these emissions in big units which are hard to wrap our heads around. One megaton is a million tonnes.

So, to make it easier to understand we...

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Infographic: 8 Canadian Symptoms of Climate Change

The effects of climate change are seen and felt around the world. However, as Canadians, we may sometimes feel removed from climate change impacts. Here are eight symptoms of climate change that are happening in Canada.

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Climate Change 101

Infographic: Climate Change 101

A visual explanation of the science behind the warming of the Earth due to GHG emissions.

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Christian Voices for Climate Justice

Infographic: Christian Voices for Climate Justice

CPJ’s infographic on why Christians are asking for a strong pan-Canadian climate plan.

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Climate Change Infographic

Infographic: Living Faithfully into a New Climate

CPJ’s infographic on the global climate change crisis and the need for action in Canada.

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Infographic: Guaranteed Livable Income in Canada

CPJ’s infographic comparing Canada’s current welfare system to a Guaranteed Livable Income.


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Housing Infographic

Infographic: Affordable housing in Canada

CPJ’s infographic on affordable housing in Canada.

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