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Church Resources: Refugee Rights

Unsure about how to respond to the ever-growing refugee crisis worldwide?

Find out how your local church community can engage in creating a more welcoming Canada, through tools that will highlight current issues and provide context, discussion points, tips for direct action, and a deepened understanding of the Biblical call to welcome the stranger.

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Christian Reformed Church Climate Action

National Church Position on Creation Care: We uphold “biblical principles of responsible dominion, care, and stewardship of creation,” recognizing that our continually growing knowledge about God’s world should “guide us in our love of God and neighbors, including care for the creation”; “even when scientific uncertainties are taken into account,” we are compelled to address…

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Anglican Church of Canada Climate Action

Guiding Principle informing Climate Action: 5th Mark of Mission: “To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.” Action on Climate Change: 2015: in a Good Friday statement facilitated by the Anglican Communion Environmental Network, bishops around the world committed to: mutual support to develop ecotheological resources…

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Prayer for Climate Action

Earth Day is on April 22. This year, it will take on special significance as world leaders will be in New York to sign the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

As we mark a Day of Prayer for Climate Action, we share our prayer for the Earth.

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MP Panel Discussion

Faith. Justice. Impact?

The spirit and presence of Gerald Vandezande was undeniable as CPJ’s board and staff received two opposition Members of Parliament, NDP Paul Dewar and Liberal John McKay, for a recent discussion on faith and public policy. The discussion was held as part of the November 1-2 Board of Directors meeting, and aimed to explore how best CPJ could translate its prophetic voice on key public justice issues into policy impact.

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