Take Action: Poverty in Canada

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Want to take concrete steps towards ending poverty in Canada?

Here are some suggestions for political engagement, personal or small-group education, and spreading the word. 

CPJ is calling for the creation of a comprehensive, integrated federal plan for poverty elimination in Canada.

Consultations to inform the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS) have begun! Let’s make sure the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy is strong, accountable, and promotes the dignity of all people. Take action and have your voice heard by signing the Dignity for All form.

3 steps you can take at any time:

1. Acknowledge: learn about poverty in Canada

In order to end poverty in Canada, we need to understand its root causes and the impact it has on those who are most vulnerable in our society.

2. Act: take action locally

Each of us has role to play in our own communities in changing the conversation around poverty.

  • Share the Dignity for All National Anti-Poverty Plan with members of your church or organization and with your MP. This model plan was developed in collaboration with social policy experts, anti-poverty organizations, faith-based groups, and those with lived experience of poverty.
  • Reflect, pray, and take action with CPJ’s book, Living Justice: A Gospel Response to Poverty. It’s designed for a small group study or church-wide workshop. Six supplementary Bible studies relating to the book are also available online.

3. Advocate: engage with Canadian Political leaders

 Join CPJ as we work towards critical legislative changes that will reduce poverty in Canada.


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