Job Opportunity: Refugee Rights Policy Analyst

Refugee Rights Policy Analyst

Full-time position located in Ottawa
Application deadline: September 15, 2021
Start date: October 2021

CPJ is accepting applications for a Refugee Rights Policy Analyst to provide high-quality policy analysis and public justice framing of a range of policy issues related to refugee rights and forced migration. Lived experience as a refugee or migrant is a strong asset.


Within the context of CPJ’s core public justice documents the Refugee Rights Policy Analyst will provide high-quality policy analysis and public justice framing of a range of issues affecting refugees as determined from time to time by CPJ’s board and senior leadership. The position will involve working with a wide range of people and communicating effectively and widely.

Refugee Rights Policy Analyst (PDF)


  1. Initiating policy analysis and public justice framing of a range of refugee
    rights issues.
    · managing the development of framing and policy alternatives through engaging CPJ’s board, staff and supporting community, as well as experts in the field, public officials, and leaders in society;
    · preparing necessary research and background document/briefings;
    · supervising interns and managing contract research relevant to the development of analysis and framing, as required.
  2. Communicating CPJ’s analysis and framing through public presentations, writing, advocacy and workshop delivery to audiences ranging from public officials, to the media, leaders in church and society and CPJ supporters. In particular, this will involve preparing briefs, op eds, articles for internal and external publishing, letters to officials, letters to the editor, etc.
  3. Networking in a range of settings, including leadership in coalitions such as
    the Canadian Council for Refugees, as a means of researching,
    communicating and advancing the policy analysis and policy framing
    messages of CPJ.
  4. Monitoring policy development initiatives to recommend strategic policy framing decisions by CPJ.
    · analyzing refugee needs, the public policy context, identifying opportunities for CPJ, and flagging emerging issues for CPJ consideration.
  5. Participating in appropriate CPJ committees and other meetings.

Send applications to ac.jpc@sboj by September 15, 2021!

CPJ’s team

CPJ’s team is a relatively small work community. As part of our commitment to equity and anti-oppression, we endeavour to create space for increased representation and power within our organization for individuals and communities in Canada disproportionately impacted by systemic oppression. We seek new persons that will expand our diversity and who have the flexibility to thrive in a small office. This requires a certain measure of fluidity in job descriptions as circumstances change and as projects develop. We all pitch in to help each other as needed; celebrate special occasions together; and enjoy camaraderie around a common mission.

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