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Claudette Commanda

AGM 2016: ‘It is time to stand together in friendship’

Claudette Commanda, who teaches courses on First Nations issues at the University of Ottawa, spoke at CPJ’s 2016 Annual General Meeting

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Canada Revenue Agency sign

Liberals wind down controversial political audits of charitable groups

Citizens for Public Justice was informed by the CRA that announcing how every MP voted on a motion to create a national anti-poverty strategy was considered political activity.

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5 Qualities The Liberals’ New Anti-Poverty Plan Must Include

For several years, the UN and anti-poverty groups have been pushing for a national anti-poverty plan. Dignity for All: The campaign to end poverty in Canada has worked toward this goal, through broad consultation, since 2009. In February 2015 on Parliament Hill, the campaign launched a model National Anti-Poverty Plan. Based on our experience, here are five key…

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Refugee camp in Greece

‘Colossal effort’ underway to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by year’s end

Citizens for Public Justice is urging that health services be restored for all refugees immediately. Cuts have an impact on the ability and willingness of sponsors to help due to added liability for costs associated with vision and dental care, prosthetics, medication and mobility devices, according to them

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Little refugee girl writing Asylum on the black board

Here Are 2 Ways Canada Can Help Syrian Refugees

Faith leaders and community groups across Canada are feverishly mobilizing to receive thousands of Syrian refugees. Meanwhile federal candidates are vying for air time with proposals to enlarge the numbers of people our country will settle.

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