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Budget 2017

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CPJ's recommendations for, and responses to, the federal government's annual budget.

Budget 2011: Building a Sustainable Recovery for All

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
Too many Canadians are still waiting to experience recovery and risk being permanently left behind. CPJ believes that the best way of achieving a sustainable economic recovery is to ensure that all Canadians are able to participate in the economy. 

Budget 2011: Take Two

On June 6, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduced a new 2011 Budget. (The March Budget was not adopted before the government was defeated in the House of Commons). The June Budget only contained two new provisions: the elimination of the subsidies for political parties and a $2.2 billion transfer to Quebec in support of tax harmonization. Because the June Budget is essentially the same as the March Budget, we re-offer here our commentary on the March Budget.

Federal budget imbalance

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said “Leadership is about finding a balance between needs,” but unfortunately he delivered a budget that ignored the needs of Canadians. Budget 2011 revealed that the government’s priorities are vastly different than the priorities of Canadians. While Canadians want and need a response to social and environmental deficits, Budget 2011 offered a jobs-based approach to economic recovery, a few social policy crumbs, and more “boutique taxes.” Budget 2011 was rich in rhetoric and poor in action, proposing tinkering rather than real change.

Federal budget fails to address real needs of Canadians


Ottawa, ON: March 23, 2011 - Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is disappointed that the federal budget did not address the real needs of Canadians, ignoring the social and environmental deficits.“This budget offers tinkering instead of real change,” said Joe Gunn, executive director. “Instead of a poverty elimination strategy, the government is pursuing a jobs-based approach to recovery that just isn’t sufficient.”

Economic and Social Deficits: 2010 pre-budget submission

Building a responsible and caring economy
Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
CPJ is calling for a responsible and caring budget that addresses both the economic and social deficits, focuses on building sustainable and lasting change and promotes well-being for all Canadians.

Budget 2010 falls short by staying the course.

The recession has had a tremendous impact on Canadians. Job losses and a faltering safety net have added hundreds of thousands of people to the population of Canadians living in poverty. Economic stimulus and deficit spending are most certainly required to confront this vulnerability. Measures to create and sustain jobs and to build a strong and healthy country are needed. But this cannot be done at the expense of those on the margins, excluded from mainstream society.

Building an economy of care: 2009 pre-budget submission

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
The present economic and environmental crises highlight the fact that our economy has not provided care for people or creation. Moving beyond the crises requires that re-think our fundamental economic orientation. We need to expand our understanding of prosperity beyond economic growth to encompass social and environmental well-being.

Vision to Action: 2008 pre-budget submission

Canada without Poverty
Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
20 years ago, the House of Commons passed an all-party resolution to end child poverty in Canada by 2000. As we approach the 20th anniversary, Budget 2009 should make good on that promise

Budget 2008 and Government Values

Budget 2008, introduced last week, was billed as “Responsible Leadership.” Yet the values and priorities evident in the budget do not include measures to reduce poverty, address homelessness or protect the environment. Public justice calls governments to take responsibility on these issues – and Budget 2008 drastically failed to answer this call.


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