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An Hour of Prayer

By Wayne Groot

I have to confess I started my hour of prayer a little earlier than my allotted time, as another commitment had come up, but I thought I could be forgiven for that. My hour then coincided with Prime Minister Trudeau's speech at the Paris climate talks. So I didn’t hear his speech live but I prayed for courage and wisdom and a spirit of wonder for him as he stood in front of the podium.  

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Shouting It From the Rooftops

by Michèle Biss

Action on poverty is long overdue. It’s time for our federal government to step up and put in place a comprehensive, rights-based approach to poverty.

Over the past year, the Dignity for All Campaign has been shouting this message from the rooftops. We’ve been spreading the word wherever and whenever we can – at events, through media and social media, and directly in the ears of our federal candidates.

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Is "real change" evident in this Speech from the Throne?

Canadians were just treated to the shortest Speech from the Throne since 2009. In record time on the afternoon of Friday, December 4th, Governor General David Johnston simply repeated the many promises found in the Liberal election platform, “A New Plan for a Strong Middle Class.” Little new information was offered in terms of timelines, costs, or clarity concerning which items on the government’s agenda will receive immediate priority.

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Letter: Religious Leaders Support Refugee Initiative

December 2015
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CPJ has joined religious leaders from across Ontario who have written to the Premier Wynne and leaders of the Provincial opposition parties to express their support for Ontario’s role in welcoming Syrian refugees. 

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A Better Future for Our Children

Last winter, my nine-year-old son accompanied me to a climate talk at our church. But rather than bored, Oscar was captivated and took to writing about climate change, flooding and drought, and the significant oil and gas reserves that must stay underground. 

Then I began to worry. How much did he understand about what the world might look like when he’s my age? And did he (as I do) have faith that we could muster the ambition necessary to take action?

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5 People Who Are Praying for COP21 in Paris

In the lead up to COP21, CPJ launched Prayers for COP21 in Paris, a suite of worship materials, advocacy tools, and nation-wide prayer chain designed to help people of faith engage with climate justice.

Here are five citizens across Canada that are joining CPJ in Prayers for COP21 in Paris.

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Beyond Greening

Climate Justice Requires Christian Advocacy

Climate change is already negatively impacting physical, biological, and human systems around the world. That we allow further greenhouse gas emissions is an injustice – especially since  those most vulnerable to climate change are already socially and economically marginalized.

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Easing barriers for Syrian refugees

In the past few months, an increasing number of Canadians have called for government action in response to the urgent Syrian refugee crisis.

While communities and individuals are stepping up to assist by participating in private sponsorship, barriers remain, both in terms of the numbers of refugees coming to Canada and in the supports available once they arrive.

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What Election 2015 Means for Public Justice

In this election, CPJ focused on democratic reform, poverty in Canada, climate justice, and refugee rights. On all four issues, our members hope to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take quick action to fulfill his party’s commitments. But we will also push his new government to fill in the gaps in its platform.

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