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Consulting on Climate: Let’s Make Our Voices Heard

“What do you think?”

It’s a phrase we often use with friends when checking an idea or seeking advice. And it’s the question our federal government is now asking us as it develops Canada’s climate action plan.

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Living the 8th Fire

by Danielle Rowaan 

“When you hear about all the assimilation policies one after the other, you sit back and think ‘whoa,’” says Shannon Perez.  Shannon has experienced and led the Blanket Exercise, an interactive workshop developed by KAIROS that walks participants through the history of Canada from the perspective of Indigenous peoples, dozens of times.

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Canada re-joins UN Convention to Combat Desertification

June 2016
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CPJ has joined 26 other Canadian environmental, faith, and international development organizations to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for Canada to re-join the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

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A Prayer for Fort McMurray

Citizens for Public Justice holds the people of Fort McMurray in our thoughts and prayers, as ravaging wildfires spread fear, destruction, and calamity throughout that part of northern Alberta.

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Faith Perspectives Matter in Seeking Justice

A faith perspective places human dignity, the common good, and the integrity of creation at the centre of economic life. Faith communities are calling for public justice. We want to see Canada’s public policy decisions reflect this understanding of what living together as a beloved community means.

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We Should Tell our Canadian Climate Stories this Earth Day

This Earth Day, and you can bet it will include all of the perennial park clean-ups, spring seedling swaps, and perhaps a renewed push for recycling at the local public school.

That’s all good, but this year Earth Day is different. It offers something more.

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The Earth is Our Mother

From The Catalyst, Spring 2016
by Michelle Nieviadomy

The earth provides everything we need: food, water, clothing, and shelter. For Indigenous peoples, she provides cultural and spiritual fulfillment as well. The earth is our source, not a resource.

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Faith Rooted in Migration Stories

From The Catalyst, Spring 2016
by Naomi Kabugi

The spirit of migration permeates, and to a large extent defines,the biblical narrative. This theme is found in Genesis, the Psalms, and Revelation.

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Paris Climate Conference: And After?

“We are here because people we work with in the South told us climate change is affecting them. I’m not here speaking on behalf of people in the Global South, but with them.”

— Geneviève Talbot

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Prayer for Climate Action

Earth Day is on April 22. This year, it will take on special significance as world leaders will be in New York to sign the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

As we mark a Day of Prayer for Climate Action, we share our prayer for the Earth.

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