Church Resources: Ecological Justice

Responding to God’s call to promote love, justice, and the flourishing of creation.

CPJ offers engaging resources that encourage faith communities to reflect and take action towards ecological justice.

If you’d like help, CPJ is available to speak in churches. We can join you in person or via Zoom – keeping things carbon neutral – to offer prayers, a workshop, or a climate justice homily.

Contact Karri Munn-Venn at or 613-232-0275, x. 223 to make arrangements.

Please, pray and act for climate justice – and engage your faith community in the same! We hope that these materials will serve as a guide as you express gratitude for the gift of creation, pray for those impacted by climate change, and also to pray for the leaders charged with making the policies that will shape our future.

Visit CPJ’s Eco-Justice Action Page for more ways to get involved!

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