CPJ’s New Year’s Resolution for Climate Justice

Citizens for Public Justice, and many Canadian faith communities, are increasingly concerned about the accelerating impacts of climate change. Cognizant of our history, our responsibility as Christians, and the importance of the current moment, CPJ determined that now is a good time to take stock and to get clear about how we will contribute to climate justice.

CPJ’s New Year’s Resolution for Climate Justice

For God so loved the world!

As people of faith, we are called to love, and advocate for, all of God’s glorious creation.

This is a critical moment in history.

The global climate emergency, confirmed by Indigenous knowledge and Western science, requires an urgent international response. The 2015 Paris Agreement presents a valuable framework, but action to date has been vastly inadequate to achieve the principles and temperature goals laid out in that agreement. As we enter a new year, and a decisive decade, Citizens for Public Justice resolves to redouble animation, mobilization, and advocacy efforts towards climate justice.

We believe that Canada must implement a just transition without delay and shift to a green economy that prioritizes the well-being of traditionally marginalized people while also safeguarding the livelihoods of energy workers.

Together, for the love of all creation!

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