CPJ seeks new Executive Director

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy.  Our mission is to promote public justice in Canada by shaping key public policy debates through research and analysis, publishing and public dialogue.  CPJ encourages citizens, leaders in society and governments to support policies and practices which reflect God’s call for love, justice and the flourishing of creation.  We envision a world in which individuals, communities, societal institutions and governments all contribute to and benefit from the common good.

CPJ is beginning a search for a new Executive Director, to carry forward the mission of CPJ. The executive director will be a person of articulate Christian faith, called to serve in the public sphere as an advocate of public justice, and committed to advancing the CPJ mission in Ottawa and throughout Canada. 

The CPJ Board seeks a person with a passion for justice, a keen understanding of policy, and a commitment to civic engagement who best exemplifies the following qualities. This person will be:

An Experienced Justice Advocate

  • committed to policy analysis, advocacy and engagement that embraces Christian principles of love and justice and the flourishing of creation
  • possessing a thorough understanding of policy development and processes, including how to shape policy debates
  • effective in the vocation of communication and advocacy
  • able to address policy from a values perspective and provide public justice framing of issues

A Servant Leader

  • leading program development with a clear Christian perspective and commitment to ecumenical action
  • building a team of staff and volunteers, inspiring and motivating them in their commitment to the mission of CPJ
  • ensuring the development of a healthy institutional culture, building relationships in a small office environment where flexibility and camaraderie are essential, and nurturing an environment where the talents of staff will thrive
  • moving forward in faith while maintaining accountability for stewardship of organizational resources
  • competent in modern administrative and organisational processes
  • providing leadership in developing a strategic plan
  • maximizing impact of staff, board, and membership resources through coordinated strategies for social change

An Effective Ambassador

  • articulating with conviction the mission of CPJ
  • communicating effectively with the diverse and committed supporting community
  • building bridges with a variety of governmental, nongovernmental, ecclesiastical, multi-faith and other institutions
  • raising the profile of CPJ both with decision makers and in a wide diversity of communities
  • demonstrating enthusiastic personal involvement in raising financial support, including developing sustainable support from non-traditional sources

For more information, please see: ED Position Description (PDF).

Send applications to jobs@cpj.ca by October 26, 2018



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