Prayer Chain for COP21 in Paris

Join the Prayer Chain for COP21 in Paris

Canadians are praying for climate justice every hour of the COP21 climate change talks in Paris. 

What do we pray for? We pray for Canadian leadership to act with boldness, compassion, and fairness at the Paris negotiations. We pray that international leaders will agree on international emissions reductions targets that will limit climate change. We pray for an international agreement that will meaningfully help developing nations and island states anticipate and adapt to climate change. We pray for those across Canada and the world who are, and will be, displaced from their homes, exposed to violence, and threatened by hunger because of climate change. 

Climate change presents us with a moral challenge that calls upon the spiritual resources and action of all of our faithful communities. ~Joe Gunn, Executive Director of CPJ

What's expected of you? Pray however you are comfortable. An hour of Prayers for COP21 in Paris can be offered by one person in their bedroom, a family around a candle in the living room, a congregation gathered in a sanctuary, or a group of friends going for a walk in the park -- it's up to you! 

Together we pray for climate justice.

The prayer chain is filled! But please join us in prayer from wherever you are, and know that you are in the company of faithful Christians across the nation!

Looking for inspiration? 

Check out CPJ's Ideas for an Hour in Prayer.
Print some Prayer Cards to share.
Listen to the latest news from COP21 via the Climate Voices Podcast.

Listen to "Good Friend" by singer/songwriter Steve Bell, and read his reflection on its composition.

See who's praying: 

Want to do more?

CPJ has compiled an package of Prayers for COP21 in Paris worship resources that can be used as part of Sunday services in the lead-up to Paris, and in particular, on Sunday, November 29, 2015 (the first Sunday of Advent and the eve of the Paris negotiations). Materials also support worship, learning, action, and engagement on climate change. All are centered on responding to God’s call to faithfully support the flourishing of creation. 

Find more resources on climate justice from CPJ

For more information on Prayers for COP21 in Paris, contact Miriam Mahaffy at

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