Book Review: Turning Parliament Inside Out

 From the Catalyst, Summer 2018

Turning Parliament Inside Out: Practical Ideas for Reforming Canada’s Democracy

Edited by Michael Chong, Scott Simms, and Kennedy Stewart

Douglas & McIntyre, 2017

Reviewed by John Milloy 

Turning Parliament Inside Out is an attempt by a multi-party group of backbench Members of Parliament to identify ways to reform Parliament. In a series of well-written and...

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CPJ Board 2018

CPJ’s New Board Members

CPJ is excited to welcome four new Board members. As our Board, staff, and supporters gathered in Toronto, CPJ elected Rene Adams, Harold Roscher, Cherilyn Spraakman, and Tiffany Talen. We are excited about the contributions they will bring to our work! Read on to learn more about these new additions to CPJ’s Board of Directors.

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Endorsements of Journeys to Justice

>> Get your copy of Journeys to Justice “Journeys to Justice offers a wealth of personal stories on a host of faith-based political issues. Gunn looks at the creation of Canada’s refugee policies; Indigenous rights and the Mackenzie Valley pipeline proposal; Catholic bishops and economic justice; the churches and South African apartheid; violence against northern...

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Our Journeys to Justice

Are church communities the best places to go if you want to engage in social and ecological justice? Is the prophetic desire for justice encouraged to burn in the hearts of church-goers today? Do our ecclesial structures promote animation and action towards public justice?

A new book by Citizens for Public Justice, Journeys to Justice:...

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A Prayer for International Women's Day

A Prayer for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is both a celebration of women and our successes in achieving women’s equality and a reminder of the challenges that we still face.

This prayer from the Sisters of Mercy is a reminder of the many roles that women play, as well as a call to honour those roles. It is an...

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Journeys to justice - part of book cover

Journeys to Justice

Reflections on Canadian Christian Activism
By Joe Gunn

Canadian churches have made a huge impact on key justice issues over the past 50 years on education, economics, refugee sponsorship, the environment, domestic violence, public health care, women’s rights, and the cancellation of the debts of Global South countries.

But as the years go...

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