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Think Green

4 Ways to Think Green at Church

Why getting rid of paper bulletins and disposable coffee cups won’t cut it.

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Pathway through birch forest

Living Ecological Justice: What is Stewardship?

The concept of stewardship often triggers conversations about management of finances and resources within a faith community. However,...

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Living Ecological Justice: Videos

Films and short videos can enhance your discussions on climate change and ecological justice. What follows is a small sampling.

Please note that while we offer this material for your consideration, CPJ does not necessarily endorse the material or the messages contained in these videos.

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Living Ecological Justice: Additional Reading

A great deal of valuable material has been written on the global environmental crisis, the role of faith communities, the importance of advocacy, and the role that taxation and investment can play in improving the fate of creation.

An abbreviated list of resources is included in Living Ecological Justice (pp. 120-121), but there wasn’t room...

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Thank you for purchasing Living Ecological Justice

Thank you for purchasing Living Ecological Justice. A receipt from PayPal has been sent to the email address you have provided. If you find our resources helpful, we invite you to learn more about how you can join your voice to CPJ’s and help make lasting change.

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Growing Food Sovereignty in Gardens

Cultivating a mindful relationship with our food has never been more challenging or more important. Unlike preceding generations, the majority of us no longer live among those who grow our food. Much of the food sold in Canadian grocery stores has travelled long distances. And most eaters know remarkably little about their daily meals: Where...

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Carbon and the Common Good: A CPJ backgrounder

May 2012
CPJ’s backgrounder on pricing carbon emissions, Carbon and the Common Good, looks at the environmental crisis from a public justice perspective. After summarizing some of the biblical principles that guide our reflection, this paper addresses one specific and complex area of debate, carbon taxes. It also lays out some positioning...

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Are you Living Eco-Justice?

As Canadians, we are famous for our constant conversations about the weather, but when it comes to larger environmental questions are we able to do more than just talk?

CPJ’s forthcoming worship and action guide, Living Eco-Justice: A Gospel Response to the Environmental Crisis (coming out later in 2013) will provide with information and inspiration...

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CPJ participating in solidarity fast with Theresa Spence

CPJ staff will be participating, with KAIROS Canada and many other Canadians committed to faith and justice, in a one-day solidarity fast with Chief Theresa Spence this week.

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Part III – Climate Change and Poverty in Canada’s North

Climate change and poverty go hand-in-hand for Canada’s Inuit, demonstrated in global warming’s impact on already challenging issues like housing and food security. Addressing these impacts requires strategies that take into account both climate change and poverty under the direction of the Inuit.

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