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A handbook for ‘do it yourself’ advocacy

Chandra Pasma’s review of The Art of the Possible: A handbook for political activism by Amanda Sussman.

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Beyond stillness to the richness of shalom

Writing about his work with people who are homeless at Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto, Greg Paul reveals that a deep need for peace can be found throughout our society. He calls for us to live out shalom of Jesus: “justice for those who are oppressed; health and wholeness for those who are sick in body, mind or soul; prosperity for those who are poor. Take it; make it work. Announce this peace and grow it in others.”

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Citizenship as Ministry

Thinking about our role as citizens in terms of ministry makes a big difference in how we approach the challenge of shaping the way our society works. Whether we have legal citizenship or not, we exercise citizenship through the variety of ways in which we engage in the public square.

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Pray always and do not lose heart

Esther Epp-Tiessen challenges us to remember that seeking justice must be rooted in relationships with real people who are hurting and in the knowledge that it is God’s own persistent patient way of redemption.

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Abraham: from alien to citizen

In responding to God’s call, Abraham must become a life-long stranger.

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