Month: November 2009

Living the heart of the law

Once upon a time there was a man named Boaz. You may have heard of him. Boaz lived in ancient Israel at the time of the judges. It was a time of increasing violence against women, tribal warfare and increasing economic hardship, for there had been a famine in the land.

As a result, it was also a time of poverty. There were women who had been widowed; there were men who had been injured too much to work; and there were refugees coming to the land.

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Does arrival in Canada doom newcomers to poverty?

A sign of faithfulness to God was always understood by the people of Israel and later by Christians as compliance with the Biblical injunction to care for the widows, orphans and aliens. Today, this Biblical reference can refer to the approximately 250,000 immigrants who come to our shores each year, plus refugee claimants, and over 200,000 temporary and seasonal workers.

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