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The Canadian Social Forum: Dialoguing on Poverty

How and why does poverty happen? Who is experiencing poverty in Canada? How are communities and institutions addressing poverty? What further action must be taken?

These are some of the questions that CPJ staff members Chandra Pasma, Karri Munn-Venn and Mariel Angus will be reflecting on next week when they attend the Canadian Social Forum.

Strengthening the call to end poverty

CPJ’s Envisioning Canada Without Poverty campaign, launched in April 2008, contained a call for the 2009 federal budget to include a poverty reduction strategy. But as we saw in late January, there was no such strategy in the budget. Does this mean our endeavours were unsuccessful?

“Absolutely not,” stated Chandra Pasma, CPJ’s public justice policy analyst. With letters, emails and phone calls, CPJ members let their MPs know that poverty is an important public justice issue, one that needs to be addressed immediately.

Strengthening Women’s Equality through Childcare

While women in Canada enjoy relative equality in comparison to many other countries around the world, gender inequalities still exist. Government policies can help strengthen the status of women by offering opportunities for women to participate more fully in society. One such policy is childcare. Accessible, affordable, quality childcare can help promote women’s equality by assisting them with their domestic caring responsibilities and enabling them to engage in the paid workforce if they choose.

Now is the time to reform EI

There’s a report today in the Globe and Mail that some Canadians are waiting up to 6 weeks for Employment Insurance payments.

EI payments are normally supposed to be received within 28 days of making an application. There is a mandatory 2 week waiting period, followed by two weeks to process and receive the payment.

The Path from Poverty?

Image: The Path from Poverty? Minister Solberg believes that the path from poverty is employment. But the reality is that work doesn’t always pay. A poverty reduction strategy cutting across government departments and providing social accountability would do much more for poor Canadians than a single-minded emphasis on employment. The federal government should show leadership by adopting a national poverty reduction strategy.


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